In like 2007 or some shit, Odeisel, the Ill Community's resident fatass, announced that the IC (and AHH) was going to be receiving a huge overhaul. That sounded pretty cool, so we patiently and loyally waited while the site was undergoing its upgrade. When it came back online, we were blown away by how shitty it was. After like three months, it came back online only partially functional, run by some unknown software that certainly wasn't the familiar vBulletin on which so much activity had flourished.

Gaylias InvasionEdit

It was around this time that the rise of the "gaylias" took place. A gaylias was an alias that did nothing but post gay porn. This went on unchecked for months. Rumors flew that the mods knew who was behind it but were either unwilling or incapable of stopping it. Eventually we all blamed Blank, Dink, and TDouble.

So WTF happened?Edit

The new IC was integrated into the main AHH website so that forum posters could comment on frontpage articles. We didn't give a shit about that. "Upgrade" quickly became a running joke. The changes were mercilessly mocked until poster Legal Tender revealed to poster KTULU that there was one particularly hilarious security problem with the new software. The entire forum was soon flooded with this image dancing all over the place:



Finally coming to their senses after being inundated with image spam due to the shitty coding, the bosses took the IC offline and promised it would be "back by Thanksgiving." Which turned into months later. LOL.

Anyway, vBulletin was back and people were generally happy once again.