"Jamal Lost" is one of the most powerful memes in IC history. It refers to the tremendous capacity for losing possessed by a poster named Jamal, AKA Dat_Nigga_Jamal, AKA ChiTown_Boss. Jamal Lost.

When did the losing begin?Edit

I don't even know, B. All I know is that in 2005, Jamal was losing in full effect. Gambino dropped the legendary thread "Jamal is now officially your Toilet" and the deal was fuckin sealed. He was losing before that, though. His feud with the wordy T.I.T.A.N. provided him with many repeated losses.

The final blow was struck when Jamal's real identity as an Army chef was revealed. I said "chef" not "chief."

Jamal on the phone with TITANEdit

These two bums held a conference call to determine the location of the fist fight they would never have.

The audio is available here:

This call also includes another famous meme, "HowTallAreYouNoHomo?"