Allhiphop is the website the IC is attached to. We really don't give a fuck about it and hardly anybody from the forums actually checks for it. Sometimes they got some cool shit, though.

their logo

Whose fault is AHH?Edit

Allhiphop was probably started by Grouchy Greg and Chuck Creekmur in 1999. It was awarded the most underhanded insult possible: the CNN of Hip Hop. Why is that important? Who cares? Go check the real Wikipedia page for them if you want to know this boring shit.

Allhiphop WeekEdit

One time, AHH decided to blow all their money (and probably somebody else's money too) on a big fuck off concert, barbecue, and fashion show. Nobody gave a shit and we made fun of them for years afterward.

Alliance with Dipset?Edit

Yo first of all, why wouldn't you want an alliance with Dipset?

Anyway, like five years ago, one of the guys working for AHH was also a manager or some shit for Dipset. This resulted in a pink Diplomats themed forum color scheme you could choose. That shit was baller, but LOL at Dipset in 2011, B.