If something funny happened on the IC, there's a 99% chance that it happened in Donkey or was caused by Donkey posters. It's supposed to be just the "off topic" discussion forum, but since posters prefer to do their friendly bullshitting in GnS, Donkey is where the internet lulz really happen.on january 18 a hacker took control of the ill community changeing the name of aka donkey to aka ducky Also that shit got shut down YOU MAD?

If I post in Donkey, will I be exposed?Edit

No. However, if you are a complete asshole to legendary posters, then yes you will be exposed. Your life will not be the same that you once knew. 

No seriously, why is Donkey known for exposures?Edit

It's because you are stupid and you put your screenname and password in when you were obviously being phished.

Legendary Donkey PostersEdit

Kat Linguistic

The Jamel

Joe Sun (see: Joseph Sun, Chink with a broke dick) virgin cripple

Wall H

Beezy for fucking men on the IC for half a plane ticket.

Off The Top (see: Worldstarhiphop) Legendary hacker known for his talent in phishing. He wrecked terror upon the Ill Community forums, exposed quite a few posters, and single-handedly brought down the e-holy grail of coons, wiggers, and racists,

and a bunch of other cool peoples